Published at 3500 × 2395 in Installation

At What Cost (2018) | varying dimensions | Chinese Rice Paper, thread, wood, foam

This piece deals with my lack of accountability to the persecution of individuals and religions in China. It came about when I starting looking at all the things I had and many of them were made in China. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, in context of this piece and this situation, I began to feel convicted. I wanted to show, through this piece, what I am doing to promote this persecution.

This cargo ship is made from Chinese rice paper and is an exact replica of the largest Chinese container ship- the CSCL Globe. There are over 2000 handmade and hand painted crosses that are being pulled down in order to elevate the container ship. Each one of these crosses represent a church that has been affected by the strong arm of the Chinese government. I am lifting up materials things at the expense of the church.

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