Published at 2500 × 1093 in Sculpture

The One I Could Accept (2018) | 32″ x 170″ x 4″ | Cotton fabric, thread, bleach

In May of 2017, a 17-year-old transgender teen, Ally Lee Steinfeld, was brutally murdered in Missouri. When I first heard about this story, I brushed by it as I do with most other news stories. As the days went by, I heard about this story again, and I realized my initial apathy was incredibly wrong. I wanted to care about this young lady but did not know what to do so I dropped everything and began pondering on a new piece. I began to be invested in the piece, and in the end, invested in her life and death. The only one I could relate to was someone like me. It took her death for me to understand that while we have differences, Ally Lee Steinfeld was a person, just like me. And once I realized this, my heart broke and it began to change.

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