Published at 6000 × 4000 in Sculpture
Planned Parenthood screen printed on Microfiche

To Stand for Nothing and Stand Up For No One (detail) (2015) | 7′ x 6′ x 25′ | Microfiche, ink, gold thread

In 2015, an anti-abortion organization released several videos that had been secretly recorded. They alleged that the videos provided evidence that abortion providers profited from the sale of donated tissue. This piece speaks directly to that event. It consists of 2,332 microfiche films from the Marburger Index. This index was made prior to WWII and consisted of over 500,000 of Germany’s greatest works and assets, many of which were destroyed during WWII. I sewed each one of these microfiche together into an exact replica of the bunk houses that housed Jews in the Auschwitz concentration camp and screen printed Planned Parenthood onto the microfiche. I’m not trying to convince the viewer that I have the right answers or that they should believe what I believe, I am just trying to become the best individual I can, and I am sorting it out in in my studio, through my art.

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